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Welcome to your retirement plan website dedicated to helping you reach your retirement goals. While here, you will find a wealth of education on retirement investing, the benefits of saving in your company's retirement plan, and help with understanding plan features.

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Retirement Articles

The Secure Act: What You Need to Know

The retirement picture in America isn't pretty. New legislation, though, seeks to reform the 401(k) and IRA savings landscape. 

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Savings Contribution Limits Go Up

Contribution limits for 2020 for various retirement accounts are rising. Here's a breakdown of how much you can now save in a tax-friendly manner. 

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Five 'Easy' End-of-Year Ideas to Polish Your Portfolio

During any downtime in this holiday season, here are some quick ways to sharpen your finances heading into 2020. 

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Your Tools

401(k) Calculator

This 401(k) calculator is helpful in determining what percentage of your salary you should contribute to your 401(k) plan given your age, retirement horizon and employer match.

IFA Risk Based Portfolio Calculator

Compare the past risk and return of your current investments to the IFA Individualized Index Portfolio recommended at the end of your Risk Capacity Survey, the S&P 500 Simulated Index, or 20 other IFA indexes.

Retirement Analyzer

IFA's Retirement Plan Analyzer is a useful tool for helping investors get on track and stay there.

Risk Capacity Survey

The larger the capacity for risk, the greater the expected returns. Expected returns are explained by Risk Capacity because capacity is directly linked to proper risk exposure, also referred to as asset allocation or investment policy. What’s your Risk Capacity? Find out right now when you take the simple 5-minute survey.